Next Level Goaltending is a collective of goalkeeper coaches founded in 2017 with the aim of developing floorball goalkeeping and goalkeeper coaching.

The guys behind Next Level Goaltending are former top level goalkeepers with almost a thousand played matches on F-liiga (formerly Salibandyliiga) and 1. division altogether and more than two decades of experience in goalkeeper coaching.

Playing floorball is different at different ages and levels. In floorball goalkeeping, however, there are certain common principles, which apply to all age groups and at all levels. Everything we do is guided by the standards of top level floorball. Already with younger goalkeepers teaching is done by explaining and justifying matters in detail in order to lay a solid foundation for the skills to be learned in the years to come.

Next Level Goaltending teaches goalkeeping, which is optimal for modern fast-paced floorball. Our goal is to coach both goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches. In our philosophy the most important task of the goalkeeper is to maximize the probability of a save. On court all actions of the goalkeeper should strive for the maximization of the probability of a save in the long run.

We operate primarily in Finland. From other countries, ask for a suitable coaching for you.