The Goalkeeper Playbook, English Version, downloadable PDF


Downloadable PDF book. After payment, the digital book can be downloaded from the download link that opens once.

We highly recommend ordering and downloading the book on a computer instead of a mobile device.

The digital book is non-printable.

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The English language version of The Goalkeeper Playbook is a unique and one-of-a-kind guide to the world of floorball goaltending. In this book we at Next Level Goaltending have put together all the relevant information and knowledge about modern floorball goalkeeping.

The Goalkeeper Playbook serves top-level goalkeepers, beginner goalies and everyone in between; as well as goalkeeper coaches and all interested in the topic.

In The Goalkeeper Playbook the requirements of modern goalkeeping are thoroughly explained, and the complex causalities of the game are opened, so that all bits and pieces can be analyzed and understood. A novel way of thinking in understanding the game will be formed by The Goalkeeper Playbook.